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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  January 7, 2016 1:35am-2:11am EST

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"aconews," delawe valley's leading news program with jim gardner. >> it starts with tragedy turned to triumph.
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but tight it has ten a darker twis you may recall a little 2-yeaolboy found alone in love park and a commuty rallng around h and his parts. that family was given a roof over the heads. tonight, some of the donors w came toheir aid are regreing it. wednesday night, jim on malpass.nd i'm monica the big story on "tionews" is an attempted evictn of the once homeless couple. a going to dann cular in dann?r city to expln l. >> esstily a feud telephoned between ahristi group helping muslim family and their children find housing. chosen 300 ministries are tryg to throw the couple out of their homeaying they are terribly uncoun k uncome cooperative. >> they always say he who is without kind casts the first stone. well have issues butt is h
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we handle that and t people around us that suppo us. >> a family whosehild w und wandeng around love pk. theharter school donated ,0 to csen 0 mistries to raise the money to lease a home for a ye. now tyay the family is them out of the home.o boot >> wre not going to have two grown adus sitng up in a house, not intereed in working, n interesting in moving forward, not trying to get off of their substance abuse. who wants to abuse the syst, take advantage of some >> tonight the people who are to fall apart when the christin gro tried to force them to >> then they wanteds to go to a chrisan retreat. you a not going to send to us a christian repeat or to see a marriage counselo >> tt's not the issue, it is
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th thisamily t interested in getting help. they want a free ride to be able to sit down in a home, and n >> and jner is tryg to bring let's dot for the children. i beg them let's go at it again. and let's go to their religion and get their religious lders and try to pull th together. >> n in a statement tonigh brian jenki says they help all in need, not self-pfessed christians. and they have musm voluntes to help feed and shelter t less fortunate. >> thank you. a chester cnty man facg cilsex abuse chaes after allegey molesting child for years andobinson allegedly assault add 14-year-old f nofour years
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starting with massaging and then going to sex acts. t victim came foard. >> for yrs the victim livedn turmoil because it is one heck of a thing to carry around with you. finally it came to t suffice it to say mr. robinson knows that he is in troue. >> invtigars want to kw if oths may have been molested. robinson also involved with the boy scouts, a coach and on youth church groups. information to come forwd.h rinson is out on $100,000 bail tonight. fefits inucks county a busy night battling two bzes. one at this he on burnt house hill road, and it took little under two hours to get it und control. one person taken to doystown hospital with minor injues. nd another person hurt in a second blaze, they are be ok.
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and it was it a detached ructure adjacento thes house and the cau of both fires and following the first bitter cold snap of wint, in for warmer weather, at leasts r as temperatures are concerned. and cecily tynan with the first look at the accuweather >> after two ds of argentic r we climbed out of the deep freeze toda making itp to 40 this time of ye.i for mday anduesday afternoon highs strgle toake it up into the low 30s. it's not goi to be a balmy night, but compared to the past o nights it is not as bad. mostly clear and aew clos uth of phadelphia. 23egrees in philadelphia. bundle up. allentown 14, wmington 22, trenton 20, a cape may 27 degrees. fortunately e nds of calm. i am tcking a big warm up on thway peaking overhe weend,nd temperatures in the 50's.
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it's not going to be a brit ansunny weekend. i am tracking aot of clos that system will open the door d forn extended period ofold ather to return next we. possibly even a touch of snow. a i wl talk more about that in the full accuwth forast. >> thank you. a flagra foul onhe court. a refer seemily attked by the neshaminy high school basketball coach. this video we first showed you last night at 11:00 h everyby talking. tonithat team w back on the hardwood ainst pennsry and how t team is rebounding from this controversy. >> monica, tonight they lost eir fir game without tir ad coach, who's actually there within the school's community. t neshany boys' basketball team took to the court without eir head coach tonight. the cell phone cameras caught
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devi arguing with a refee before he got psical with a second one. >> oh! >>e was immediately ected from the game. theenior star. >> havi ner sn anything like that from vine. he is not tt typof pers. i love devi, he was a great coacho mend i never saw that inany my years there. >> and ter said that he watched tuesday's exchanges ka late. >> he was out of line no reason. >> and so f no charging filed ainst a cch who is also a special ed teacher. the pennsvaa inrscholastic to see how the school district take any further action.hey >>o thereas contact. it wasn't a full-on straight-forward head butt as some people may have thought, butertainly any type of contact with an official le that is egregious and unacceptable. >>
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>> and staing behind hi her son playi on j.v. >> and the years he coached should be recogned, itead of one moment. >> now, piaa oicials say they nevereceived any negative reports about the coach. we also stopped byoth the coach and referee's home and no one answered and our pho calls re not immediate rerned. rorting live in bks county for channel 6 "action news." >>ha you. philadelphia police lki for a killer tonight w gunned down a 49-year-old man. it happened about 8:30 in the 2600 bck of nth snley street in the city's strawberry mansion section. o significant developments with bill cosby. his next court apprance in montgome postponed. d the los angeles charg are notiling again him. and a court spokesman says the preliminary hearing next
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thursday will locally be reschedudnd cosbsamily asked for timeo repair. and the enteriner is expted toead not glty to druing and sexuayssaulting a mom in his home in 2004. he remains free $1 milli bail. meanwhile, cosby will not face charges in l.a. two wom claiming they saulted him. but they say e older ce is past the statute of limitations and not enough evidence in the moreecent ca. the white houses sptic call tonighthat north korea successfully test add hydrogen bomb ast claims. the recli country made the surprise claim late last night saying the fouh nuclear test waa muchore technically-advantaged h-bomb and more powerl than t and they tested in 2013 as the
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last me. and yestery's incidents caused a seismic stock of 5.1 magnitude. american officials say it is not csistent wh the claimf a hydrogen bo. that wpon is actlly 1,000 more tim powerful thanhe bombs dropped on hiroshi and nagasaki. b t u.s. is sending sniffer craft to lk r iyou recollect clues. and j rdner on d.c. for a hidown inteiew, with vice-president joe biden. saying the.s. is still working to get aion a telling jim what steps the administratn uld take. >> ifhey did donate , what >> weill continue to work with? the chinese and internaon mmunity to continue to bring pressen north and to make ito if it becomes
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an ireasing high price for being one nion in the world out of the world. >> and you can s more of jim's one-on-e interew with e vice-president on a wide range of topics tomorrow on "action news" at 6:00 and 1 1shgs. -- 11:0 a bill to repeal obamare on h desk. is ishe first one to make it all wait to the white house. t u.s. hoe approved it today. the sene passed it late last year using specialules to below text it fm a democratic filibuster. stark priorities in this esidential election year. > investigators say a police shooting after knife-wielding man was justified. the tense scene in clifton
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heightshen a m called the police to say was suicidal the apartnt a found went to 54-year-old dav zollo when he came at them with a knifehe pole red, killing him. he was diagnosed bipolar and the police were called to his home nine times befo. wh a firm hand shake, commissioner ross, and mers patts formally appointed to deputy coisoner. and day-to-daynfmatnn howoeal wh the neighbors and he has beenith the the bes of a person fnd in a vact kensington l creating a mystery. discovering the sletal remains in an overgrown load on east cambria stet. not se if it is a man or woman or how long they have been
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there. and a potenally expsive position in palmyra. and buried medal detectors a possible munions, 700 of th. the cite used as an arsenal more than 60 years ago and now part ofhe nature park. dhe bomb crews say this is slow, deliberate wk to keep the danger to a minimum. it should takuntil mid feuary to big everying up. after 85 years in busins, macy macy's macy's, keeping shoppers from buy hs and winter clothe tails we down. and this csed 36 stores across the country in early spring. the 74 suburban sca employe
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in montgomery cnty wl played off, but may be oered positions at other stores. fancial clearae begins a new wa being proposed for horsh township. not everyone happy. jamming the intersection of 611 and blair field road. a also ccerned it wl butt upgainst residenti prortie >> and coming up, the winng . numbers for the powball and the jackpot jumped again tonight. and plus, why the case of plotti to kill soldiers at fort d was brought back before a guj today. a the criminal investigation for illnees that have nothing do with the e. coli outbreak. >> and flooding rai in southern californiand a big impact this weekend.
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letting you know hown the acweather focas and duc rodrs wh the laboy ming good getti to the hall of fame tonight when "action news" continues for you.
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thr broers from cherry chill convicted of plotting kill soldiers at fort dix, their father says they were entrapped by an f.b.i. informa and dup into the plot by two others who were convicted with em. the broers say they were deniedhe rig to testify in their own defens all three are serving life sentees. the manho bought the rifles used in the s bernardino attack pleaded not ilty today to conspiring with one of the killers. 2yeao marquez cou be sentenced to upo0 years if he is convicted. investigators say that marquez
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admits plotting aacksith h neighbor, faro,ut never carryi them out. fook and his wife did kill and wound people in a meeting on decembe2. chipolte part of an investigation, ask to pvide document in its virus. the sas plmete did you get a drone for the hidays thousands were registered in the last weeks mandatory, costing only $5 and refdae for ownersoing it befe janry 2 however, some consumer groups believeo than 40000 drones were sold ts holiday seaso so clearly only about half ristered.
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and the f.a.a. launch add new app this week telng fks where they can and cnot fly thr drone southnalifniaetting batted by rain tonit. tee storms in a week left them under water and csing the water bke through the walls of a los anges restaant. through the week and the next problem, possible mudslid because so many trees burned down is seon, the mountains are barren and cannot absorb all the rain. >> catc22. califora in a four-year >> too mu, too la. >> they need rain, but a slow, steady soaking. and that storm system is heading our way for the weend and bringing us rain. nothing quitehat intens showing we don't have any rain out the this evening. it's a dry evenin ant aion c out a about at rittenhouse square where
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folks are ting roll. bundle up in qte as many o nhts.s tonight as the past two temperatures now definitely on the co de but we don have the wind. hi pssure rightver us, the wds are calm, no wind chill factor. 30 degrees down from the high of 40. allento 19. lmiton 26. treon 26. milille 20. the pocon currently 24 degrees. satellite 6, along with actions radar, showing for the most part we are clear. seeing some high, tn clouds genelly sou of philadphia. out, and tomorrow we will see a go amount of sunshine mixg with se clds. and tperatures a little bit higher than today. it starts o clly at 7:00. seasobly cold, 26 degrs. by 10:00, 34. by 1:00, 41. and by 4:00, 43 degrees. so 44 degrees, 4 degrees above normal. again, mixture of clouds and sunshe, partly sny skies. heang into friday, a transition day. start the day with sun and
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increasing cloudshead of the warm front. 45 degrees the high. that warm front brings us temperatures in the 50's over the weekend. butheow pressure crently mi io california, that will move to our westn sunday. and that willull up some warm air. but also aot of moisture. so the exclusi accuweather sev-day forecast ni. sun mixes with clouds and up to 44 degrees. friday, morng sshine fades behind increasing clouds, high of 45 degree could he a cple of showers friday nig and saturday, mostly cudy and relately war 50 grees. damp si, a little drizzle. through the first half the t day on sund. again, with the srm system kwut cutti to the west mild and7 degrees. as f the rainll, we're lking at a pretty healthy around an inch of rain in most of our vwing area. plus, about a half inch as you head tards the coast. and wt this storm will do is
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en the air for cold air to stre in next week. monday, the high dropped down to seasonable cold 40 degree then it kps dropping on tuesday. bright sunshine. the hh only 38 degrees. and wednesday, 36 deges and a fast-movi clipp has the pential, it has enough moture to bri a fst snowfk of the season. notooking le a big deal at this point, but the possibility snow shors and feeling and possibly looking a lotore like nte >> thank u. perball fever has pushed the lotry jackpot to more than a half billion. $524illion to be exact. and the winning numbers just drawn a few moments ago. takeut your ticke a see if you will be calling out of work ove the numbers are 2, 11, 47, 62 and 63 and the red powerball 17. by theay thedds of winnin
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the seah is for the new eagle hd coach and heang bit by bit how they are going. >> still don't he a head
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coa. >> it will take awhile. >> and every day it will be our lead story. if you are reading tea leaves you have to believe adam gates is the early front-nnero land the coaing job. for an interview, nfcom rday reporti at e bears' coordinatoback inown this weekend for the second interview. and sean paytonnnoued he is ayingn new orans. to the ice, the flyers rted away with vinnt cavalier and luke scnn traded for jordaweal a a thi-round draft pick. and speing a l of time in e coach's doghouse. and the flyers reportedly pick up 50% of the saries due on both players' contcts. and his brother, brayden schenn thankfulor the oortuni to skate along side his bro. >> you don't realize how good it
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is until it is taken away fro you. a half day soar where you us to have a chance to for experience playing in t nhl together is it a damome true forothf us. and giroux heang to the all-star game later ts movement the flrs' ctain in his fourthlsr gam leading in gls a points, 12 and 29 resptively. a couple of days ago the sixers hopped in the hot tub time machine to find elton brand. the 36-year-olday looking for a hot tub as he tries to get back in basketball shape. bnd signedo mentor the yng playe playing last season wh the hawks a hn't played game at all this season. >> have been doing exercisi, maybe n on the court as mu, but i felt good today. felt good and made se shots andlayed on d a got some go hacks and fouls in like i am supposed to, le t old guys do. and sll ahe, villanov a huge gamerom one of its
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stars. and mikpiazza final
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let's end this. >> baseball hall of fame lcomg two new meers. ken grf, jr. gets in wh the highest ving percentage er at 99.3. and mike piza fally gs in on his fourth try. the phoenix high school grue earned 83% of the vote. 75% need for election. pzza 7 career home runs, drafted in the 62nd rnd in
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1998. 1,390th overall. it worked out ok for him. villanova, a big name at butler this weekend. first the cats cannot overlook seton hall. na 11th in the nation. and the second half, wking t lane and dare i say like moses malone. la salle visited fortham. nd the first half, stevens elevates for the sl. a rodtree and the rebou and put-ba. winng 85-68, and that's sport >> thank you. yousts enjoying a sond christs tonight. hdredsf kids swed up to e banquet hl for the
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celebration. and helped tell thetory, receing gifts and a visit from the phill phanatic. and the eve of christmas in the orthodox faith. d athe ahangel in northern liberties celebted with the ms. following the julian calear, 13 days behind the calenr used byhe roman catholic church. a "jiy kimm live" next followed by "nightle." his guests tonight, ken griffey, jr., aar sorkin air and mus from the iernet. and continug at 4:30, and now cecily, dis and jim gdner d thentire "action news" team i'm monica maass. y have a great nit tonight. ♪
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